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about the motorfocus team

some history

a spin-off

motorfocus got its start in 2007 when its founder and principal, Mike Faulhaber, chose to leave his employer in NYC and relocate to Chicago for family reasons.

The very day that the motorfocus business was officially formed, an entrepreneur with whom Mike had worked during the previous two years in NYC became its first client. motorfocus then continued for the next eight years as a distributed product team to launch and manage a groundbreaking CRM for the retail automotive industry.

Since its founding, various incarnations of motorfocus have provided product management and product development consulting services to teams devoted to understanding (often unarticulated) problems and their (often related) opportunities.

But motorfocus won’t always be just a consultancy; it’s in the process of creating its own products, too.

Although motorfocus is registered as a South Dakota (USA) LLC, its principal is based in the EU - again having relocated for family reasons. However, clients, partners, and team members - like opportunity - can be anywhere.

more than remotely experienced

For much of the time since its founding in 2007, motorfocus teams have worked remotely.

It began purely for practical reasons: despite being located in major metropolitan areas, there was a shocking scarcity of suitable local product developers and product designers. Though the early teams were only partially remote, the need to quickly learn how to work together led us to push the limits of the earliest versions of tools from 37signals/Basecamp, Google, and Trello.

As remote teams have become the norm, this substantial experience with working remotely is a significant advantage.

why ‘motorfocus’?

The original idea for motorfocus was to bring professional media production to amateur motorsports. Motorsports + photography ~= motorfocus. Years later, that idea evolved into creating a publishing outlet for aspiring automotive journalists - mere months before the likes of AutoBlog began their inevitable dominance. In late 2007, the motorfocus name adorned this product consultancy. And no, it’s not just about things automotive; products for eLearning, human resources and other areas have been and will continue to be part of the mix.

why all lowercase?

Camel case is often ugly and a remnant of spaces not being allowed in file names. MotorFocus? No. motorfocus looks better.

is a Cubism-inspired form representing the ‘face’ of motorfocus.

the logo for motorfocus